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Creating Designs Like Life

From John's Desk... A custom graphic design must speak to the brain and stimulate the senses. When properly executed, it commands attention and creates an inquisitive response. Much like life, some situations call for a colorful blast, some require reasoned practicality. Mixing in the right amount of each is the science [...]

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The Season Of Rebirth

From John’s Desk… Hard to avoid the cliche’ this time of year, but the season of rebirth, or in my case remodeling, is well upon me! As part of our launch, K12Print is undergoing a dramatic new visualization around the office area, factory floor and soon-to-be new studio facility. All very [...]

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I love Launches!

From John’s Desk… I love launches! Rocket launches, boat launches, and one of my favorite, restaurant launches…all speak to new beginnings, new possibilities, a new future. And I am proud to announce a new launch that is especially close to my heart…K12Print. Commercial printing has defined much of my professional life, [...]

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